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Alyssa Bailey's Senior Session

Hope you all had an amazing Mother's day. I know mine was great since I was able to have a nice dinner with the whole fam bam (which doesn't happen very often).

I've been slacking on posting past the sneak peek of Alyssa's session. I've been pretty busy with finishing up finals and catching up on hangtime with my friends. One of the things I learned as an Interpersonal Communication major is something called the biosocial approach. It basically states that our social lives affect our physiological health and vice versa. There's a positive correlation showing that having a healthy social life (spending quality time with friends) improves our overall health (lower blood pressure, less chance for heart disease, etc.). So, that was my excuse for not spending time updating my blog right after being done delivering the photos 😜

Anyway, here some of my favorites from the session!

P.S. if you know anyone that may be looking for a photographer, I'll give you a $50 Visa gift card to WHEREVER you want for every booked referral.

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