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Kristine + Abel Engagement Session

Kristine and Abel were straight troopers for this engagement session. They braved through the cold water to make sure we got the shots and it sure paid off! Not only that, the tide rose up on us and we had a pretty interesting time trying to get back. We were at the tide pools down in Corona Del Mar and we walked all the way around the rocks to a private area to avoid getting people in the background. The tide was super low when we first got there, but when we left, oh boy, that was a whole different story! We had to do a little bit of rock climbing to get back since the tide got so high. It was so worth it though because we got some pretty incredible photos!

These two were also super cute together. During the session, they seemed so natural together and it definitely showed in the photos. It made my job so much easier 😁. And guess what? They're getting married in Mexico!! Whaaat?! Here's the kicker: it's on a cliff overlooking the ocean. Seriously, I really don't think it gets much better than that. I'm super excited for these two!

This session was also my first time using my new Bronica ETRS which is a medium format film camera. The images that came from this bad boy were breathtaking. I'm so happy about the results. I definitely have to give a shout out to a fellow photographer that has taught me pretty much everything I know about film photography. He also happens to be my scanner for this session, so you definitely have to go check out his work at

I also have to throw a shout out to one of my best friends that came out and helped me with the shoot. I had quite a bit of gear to lug around, so it was awesome having him tag along. He's not a photographer, but he's actually an incredible artist and illustrator. Maybe if you ask nicely, he'll paint a portrait of you from one of our sessions together 😜. His website is

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