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Rhonda and Morgan

Rhonda is getting featured in the Voyage LA magazine soon because of her awesome design work at Digital Couture! You definitely NEED to go check out her work. Like now. She's got some great pillows and prints for you over there!

She needed some photos to publish to the magazine, so she was like, "Hey Vin! Want to take pics for me for this magazine? I've been wanting to do a photoshoot for a while now and this is the perfect excuse to get one!" That's not verbatim, but it was something along those lines!

We doubled up on this session by doing some studio photos for the magazine, but then her daughter, Morgan (who happens to be a part of my Bible study group), tagged along for some portraits together. I also love it when clients ask if they can bring their dogs to the photoshoot. I LOVE dogs, so of course I always enthusiastically tell them YES! As hard as it is to get dogs to cooperate sometimes, they're part of the family and they need to be in the photos!

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