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Three Firsts in One Day

This week, I decided I'd try some new things. New year new me, am I right? "But Vin, It's already February..." That's besides the point. Lately, in my lulls between sessions, I've kind of just been twiddling my thumbs and trying find inspiration for things to photograph. So I took it upon myself to do something useful, fun, and new with my life. I dabbled in some street photography.

To be completely honest, I don't know what "street photography" exactly means, but I figured I'd just go downtown and take some photos of people. I took two different approaches: be a creeper and take photos without people knowing and also walking up to people and asking them if I can take their photo. As someone who is absolutely TERRIFIED of just walking up to random people and saying, "hi," you can only imagine how nerve racking and awkward this was.

Overall, I'm very ambivalent about the whole experience. On one hand, it was super awkward (never got easier), but on the other hand it was also very exciting and rewarding. For one, I got turned away a few times. Good thing they were very graceful and kind about it, but deep down inside, I felt like they were judging me. But at the same time, I also got to meet a pretty rad guy that does work out of his VW bus on PCH as the sun sets. I wish I took some time to get to know more of his story. Maybe I'll interact a little more with people the next time I try this.

Besides street photography, I also used this experience as a time for me to finally learn how to develop and scan my own film. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I shot all film during this! It was such a fun and rewarding process to go from A to Z all on my own. I mean, what makes someone feel more like a photographer than developing his own film?! No more having to wait over a week to get my black and white film scans in! This whole process might have to be a new past time for me when I'm just twiddling my thumbs.

I wish I got his name. I'm a total goof for not doing so. He likes hanging out in his VW bus as the sun sets while he does his work. He was also waiting for his wife to stop by. Wish I came a little later to get a photo of both of them.

This is the first couple I approached and asked if I can take their portrait. I'm glad that the first time I asked, I got a yes. If I was rejected the first time around, I probably wouldn't have done it again 😂

Me being a creeper and taking a photo of this cute couple. Didn't want to bug them since it looked like they were having a nice moment together.

This guy was freestyling as the girl was playing guitar. He definitely saw me and used me as a subject in his freestyle. Something along the lines of, "Yo, and check out this guy taking pics. Yeah, you with the dope camera over there." He was referring to my Yashica-A TLR.

It's in other photos too, but theres a curvy line that goes down the middle of the frame. Yeah, I messed up during one step of the developing process and didn't put in enough liquid, which made it do that. Live and learn.

She stopped me and was like, "HEY! IS THAT A ROLLEI?" Sadly, I had to tell her that it wasn't and that it was just a Yashica. She happens to be a photographer, too, which is why she is here in California right now. She's from Connecticut, but is on assignment here. She's also a film buff and definitely showed her excitement when she saw me shooting film.

This is a Vietnamese magician. His sign said something along the lines of, "I get to practice my English while you are entertained by my magic." Should've talked to him and try practicing my Viet. Instead, I decided to just be a creeper and take a photo of him working his magic, pun intended.

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