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Holley Family Photos

A long overdue post since I've been pretty lazy in terms of working on my website. Been spending way too much time scrolling through Facebook and Instagram studying other people's photography lately. I've also been spending quite a bit of time working on my own personal projects and playing with film. No works of art yet, but maybe one day I'll make something worthwhile 😁

Anyways, a little while back, I took some family photos for the Holley family! Remember that time I hosted my graduation mini session promo? No? Yeah, that's how long ago this session was! Like I said, I've been working on some other things, ha! The Holley's are such a sweet and spunky family and were such a pleasure to work with. My mini session was scheduled to be only 30 minutes long, but they were so fun to hang out with, I lost track of time and I think we ended up spending about an hour on the session! So glad they were able to go home with four beautiful 11x14 framed prints and a wooden folio box with 20 of their favorite 4x6 photos!

Shameless plug alert: Anyone want some custom artwork up on their walls? Well, I'm getting the travel bug right now and I REALLY want to do some exploring real soon. My plan right now is to head to Thailand in the middle of May. So here's the deal. As you all may know, traveling isn't cheap, so if you or anyone you know needs photos, send them my way and I'll give you both a FREE 16x20 art print from my trip to Thailand! You just have to get in touch with me before I fly out! That way, I can create a photo of exactly what you guys want up on your walls since there are so many different things ranging from beautiful architecture, roaring waterfalls, and luscious greens there!

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