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Wedding // Karen + Mikey

Time to get into the swing of blogging! Here's to hoping I start getting consistent with keeping up to date.

Karen and Mikey's wedding last June was definitely one for the books. And who says you can't DIY everything cause Karen sure pulled it off and had one of my favorite weddings to date! Everything was so beautiful and carefully designed. Their love for each other is rivaled only by their love for their dog, Tripod, who is appropriately named because he only has 3 legs (cue the awwwwwws).

If your wedding is coming up soon, spice it up like Karen and Mikey by incorporating some games into your reception! It gets everyone involved and brings so much joy to all of your guests! As much as the wedding is about you, it's about your guests as well. If your guests are having fun, you better believe you're going to have an incredible time, too! Don't believe me? I've got the photos to prove it!

This wedding's dream team:

Photographer: Vin Le Photography

Second Photographer: Pixel Perfect Visuals

Videographer: GDTwo Videography

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