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Vin Le

I see shadows, I see light.

I click a button and it just looks right.

I have an unrelenting resolve to make people happy, especially when it comes to the photos I provide. I've developed my own philosophy and approach when it comes to photography. Ultimately, it boils down to creating authentic photos that matter.

Over the course of my career, I've been trusted by top wedding professionals to work alongside them photographing over 300+ weddings. At one of those weddings, I was documenting cocktail hour when my friend told me, "Don't stop shooting. These are their wedding photos. They're never going to be able to recreate this day with all of their friends and family. These photos are all they'll have to remember it, so everything needs to be documented." I took this statement to heart and I've rewired myself to approach weddings with a photojournalistic point of view instead of only a fine art perspective. 

I also like to call myself a "Yes" man. Yes, you can have ALL of the unedited photos. Yes, you can add a filter on your photo when you post on Instagram. Yes, we can take a photo with the alpaca over there.

If you pay for a service, you should be able to enjoy it however you'd like to enjoy them without anyone telling you otherwise. That is my philosophy.

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