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Jacqui's Bohemian Bridal Shower

Candids While Getting Posed

Here's one of my favorite shots–if not my favorite–from Jacqui's bridal shower. As I was getting them posed, they just couldn't resist the urge to laugh. Natural smiles and laughs are definitely my favorite things to catch!

As for the lens, it was probably one of my favorite lenses I have ever used. The image stabilizer is amazing. No tripod needed when doing macro shots, although I would still recommend using a tripod if you can. I didn't use one cause I was running around taking pictures the whole time. No time to set-up a tripod! Overall, super practical lens for portraits and macro shots. Extremely useful when getting fine details of whatever event you're shooting. I couldn't recommend this lens more!

Anyways, here are a few more favorites from the day:

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