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The Rhotens Take LA

Jericho and Allon are back! Their wedding was one of the first that I ever photographed and now we're here updating their photos with a trip to LA. If you're reading this and you know Allon, you already know that one of his favorite places on the face of the earth is LA. We grabbed some lunch/dinner at Philippe's (my first time ever there and it was pretty darn delicious) and took a few silly photos there. After that, we headed to Union Square, Olvera Street, and ended the night at The Last Bookstore. I've never been to ANY of these places before, so it was pretty interesting figuring things out on the spot, but it was super fun doing so! I've never been a fan of LA, but this day was definitely one for the books!

We decided to be a little rebellious and break the rules a bit. They sat and lingered here for a whole 15 seconds.

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