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Cam and Kevin's Couples Session

Aren't these two just perfect together? Cam and Kevin have been dating for over a year and a half now! What better time to get some portraits together? If you want some tips on how to rock your couples session, take some pointers from these two. These two totally rocked it! Why did they rock it? Cause they were able to just be goofy with each other (as illustrated in photo #7)! Throughout the session, they were just so comfortable with each other and tons of the poses were inspired by them just being them. But don't just take my word for it, let their photos do the talking 😍

This was also a new type of session for me. I've never done an in-home session before, but I think I definitely want to start incorporating it more! There's just something about the look that I absolutely am in love with. It feels so much more natural and it really captures the essence of the "Netflix and Chill" 😂. This was a little different from a true in-home session as they were at their timeshare in Carlsbad. Nonetheless, I adore the look of these types of sessions, so if you were ever on the fence, take a look at these photos to convince yourself to book an in-home session! You won't regret it!

Film photos developed and scanned by PhotoVision

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