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Annie and John's Proposal and Engagement Ceremony

It's been over a month since the engagement ceremony and I'm STILL swooning over Annie's dress! Plus, you know you've found the right clients when the last thing they say to you is, "we're going to find a girl for you, Vin!" I need more clients like this 😂

Being a part of these two's love story has been such an amazing journey. Funny thing is, they've been talking about getting hitched for some time now before John officially proposed to her. When he proposed, one of my favorite things Annie said was, "Even though I knew this day was coming, I still have all the feels." *Cue the awwwws* This might be one of my favorite quotes ever because you just KNOW these two are meant for each other and that they're madly in love!

As for the Vietnamese Engagement Ceremony, well, that was definitely a first for me! Being Vietnamese myself, it was really amazing to experience something about my culture that I never got to experience before. My family has assimilated pretty well into American culture, so I really don't know much about my roots. Anyways, you don't really care about that. Here are the photos from Annie and John's proposal and Engagement Ceremony!

Oh, by the way, all of the following photos were taken on my Canon EOS 3 35mm film camera using Kodak Portra 400.

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